Writer Wednesday: Charles L. Grant, a Master of Quiet Horror

If you haven’t yet discovered Charles Grant, and like me, you love quiet horror and the autumn season, then you’re in for a treat. As Neil Snowden writes:

Everybody talks about Ray Bradbury when they talk about the taste of Halloween. But, for me, it was Charlie… dammit Charlie had Autumn running in his veins. The taste of Charlie’s stories is the taste of Autumn in the air. The dying of summer. The cold snap and the mist, dead leaves and rain, the growing of shadows and the whipping of wind, and the sense of an oncoming storm.

Charles Grant died ten years ago this month. A couple of weeks ago, Neil Snowden organized a blogathon in his memory. Check it out here. Really, you should.

Also, we here at Lovecraft eZine did a podcast recently on him. You can listen to that here (and on iTunes, just search for “Lovecraft eZine Podcast”).

Here’s Charles Grant’s Amazon page, where you can view and purchase his books.


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