“Fragile Dreams”: there are things in the dark


In case you missed it, Journalstone recently published a new Philip Fracassi novella, Fragile Dreams. It’s a great buy on Kindle for only $2.99 (also available in print):

When a savage earthquake rocks Los Angeles, buildings crumble and highways fall apart. Matthew Calvert, a young family man on the job interview of his life, finds himself at ground zero of the destruction – his building collapses beneath him and he wakes to find himself buried under a mountain of rubble, badly injured, trapped in the dark.

As his injuries worsen with each passing hour, he clings to memories to fight off the fear of impending death, the hope for salvation. Soon, however, the memories turn dark and his terror escalates.

There are things with him in the dark.

Trying desperately to hold onto his sanity, Matthew clings to the barrier between this life and the next, his mind flipping between reality and delusion, before confronting a final horrifying truth:

Sometimes the hallucinations are real.

Purchase Fragile Dreams by Philip Fracassi at this link.

Philip Fracassi is an author and screenwriter. He lives in Los Angeles.

2 responses to ““Fragile Dreams”: there are things in the dark

  1. It’s a great read, as are all of Fracassi’s novellas and novelettes!!! He has a collection coming out from Journalstone this March, I believe, which collects several of his earlier shorts and novelettes!


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