“Lovecraftian Tales”: a change with Lovecraft eZine

After six years, the magazine side of the Lovecraft eZine project is evolving. It is now an anthology series: Lovecraftian Tales: Stories of Weird Fiction and Cosmic Horror.

Why the change?

There are several reasons. One of them is with everything I’m doing at Lovecraft eZine, I’m no longer able to publish the magazine on a regular basis. Another reason? Books get more attention than magazines. An anthology series will draw more readers than the magazine has in the past. Last but not least, I’m excited about publishing a new series.

The stories aren’t going anywhere; you can still read past issues for free, and all future stories will be in Lovecraftian Tales.

Lovecraftian Tales is edited by Alex Kreitner and Matthew Carpenter.

8 responses to ““Lovecraftian Tales”: a change with Lovecraft eZine

  1. This is exciting news. Have you thought about whether you will do themed collections, or what? I think it is a solid move for the Lovecraft ezine empire :-). I love all the stuff you guys do, esp. the Sunday night show.


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