Knifepoint Horror: exemplary weird fiction

Knifepoint Horror is one of the finest examples of weird fiction that I have come across. In my opinion, every writer and reader of weird fiction should be paying attention to what author Soren Narnia is doing with this podcast.

A standout for me was “Fields”:

The next time you take a long country drive, look to your left and right as the scenery rolls by, the forgotten places where no footsteps tread for weeks, months, maybe years at a time. How long would it be before anyone noticed that such a place had become shelter for something unspeakable?

I interviewed Soren Narnia in the latest Lovecraft eZine podcast. You can listen to that interview here (also available on iTunes). Soren is completely under the weird fiction radar, so to speak, but I hope that changes.

Listen to the Knifepoint Horror podcast here.

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