The Peaslee Papers: A Lovecraftian Chronicle

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The Peaslee Papers: A Lovecraftian Chronicle, by Pete Rawlik.

The Yith Are Eternal, Patient, Methodical, Monstrous, Cold Minds From Beyond Time and Space…

They were there when the Saurians were cast aside, and the ancestors of men were little more than pets for the things that once walked the Earth. They witnessed the wrathful judgment of gods and the terrible punishment inflicted on those who defy them.

They are there when Rome begins to crumble, manipulating the long course of Human thought, Human evolution, and Human history. They have tampered with things that should not have been, creating monsters of men. They play the Long Game, the purpose of which is hidden, perhaps even from themselves.

They shall be as saviors, manipulating forces we do not and cannot understand. We shall succumb to their benevolent rule, and they shall fall to the monsters we become to resist them, sacrificing Humanity itself, embracing our destiny to become so much more. But even this is only part of the Long Game, a game in which the universe itself is the prize.

The Yith Have Always Been With Us… and So Have the Peaslees.

Twenty-two tales of cosmic horror detailing the further exploits of H.P. Lovecraft’s Peaslee family, their ancestors, and descendants.

“Rawlik’s THE PEASLEE PAPERS transcends mere Lovecraftian homage into an area all its own, spanning time and space, slipstreaming historical characters into the mix while diving deep into occult conspiracies that linger on the mind long after the last page is turned.” — Bob Pastorella, This Is Horror

“Pete Rawlik, more than any other working with the Mythos today, brings a gleeful joy to his work. THE PEASLEE PAPERS sees Rawlik turning his fiendishly clever imagination towards one of the founding blocks of weird fiction as set out by Lovecraft himself. Good googly moogly it is fun. I want to have cocktails with this cat.” — Acep Hale, book reviewer

Purchase it here. If you buy the print edition, you’ll get the Kindle edition for only $1.99.

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