Recent podcasts: Paul Tremblay, Adam Nevill, Ellen Datlow, Jeffrey Ford, and more!

All of these are available on iTunes (just search for Lovecraft eZine Podcast), or you can click the links below. Audio-only editions are provided if you want to listen “on the go,” on your commute, while driving, or whatever else. Or you can watch the episodes on Youtube.

Paul Tremblay (listenwatch): Paul Tremblay is the author of A HEAD FULL OF GHOSTS, DISAPPEARANCE AT DEVIL’S ROCK, THE CABIN AT THE END OF THE WORLD, and other books (browse Paul Tremblay books here). Paul talked about his work, his upcoming collection, gave a writing tip or two, and much more!

Adam Nevill (listenwatch): Adam is the author of THE RITUAL, LOST GIRL, and many other books. Adam talks about his work, about his feelings on the film version of THE RITUAL, and much more.

Ellen Datlow (listenwatch): We talked about her new book THE DEVIL AND THE DEEP, plus we heard her thoughts on novellas growing more mainstream, her thoughts on anthologies, on why horror is booming right now, and more!

Jeffrey Ford (listenwatch): We talked about THE SHADOW YEAR, which I think deserves to be mentioned in the same breath as DANDELION WINE, BOY’S LIFE, IT, and SUMMER OF NIGHT. We discussed THE TWILIGHT PARIAH and some of his other books, including his upcoming book AHAB’S RETURN. Jeff also talked about his writing process, which was very inspiring.

And many others (listenwatch)!

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