In memory of our friend W.H. Pugmire: video and audio interviews, and more

Our friend, author W.H. Pugmire, passed away on March 26, 2019. It’s an understatement to say that he’ll be missed. Wilum was larger than life, and he was also generous, kind, and someone who was never afraid to be himself.

Most of all, he was a great friend.

Here are some audios and videos you might be interested in:

In Memory of our Friend, W.H. Pugmire: A Lovecraft eZine podcast episode with Peter Rawlik, David Barker, Joe Pulver, Jeffrey Thomas, myself, and others. Listen to it at this link.

The very last Lovecraft eZine interview with Wilum, streamed live on April 15, 2018: Listen to the audio edition, or watch the interview here.

W.H. Pugmire Remembrance: The Horror Show with Brian Keene. Listen here.

Find out more about him on Wikipedia, and check out his books on Amazon.

W.H. Pugmire — photo by Joey Shea

8 responses to “In memory of our friend W.H. Pugmire: video and audio interviews, and more

  1. The weird fiction community will much poorer for loss of such a great talent. Thank you Mike Davis and the e-zine crew for keeping Wilum’s memory alive.

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  2. Condolences to his friends and family. A essential guest of your show too. It doesn’t say cause but I hope his passing was peaceful and his life satisfying to him if he knew in advance (like illness). Glad you put this out, Mike.

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  3. Your story states he died March 2018, and gave a last interview April 2018.
    Would that it were so. T’would be very fitting for such a writer.
    Very sad to hear of his leaving this world.

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