W.H. Pugmire’s MIDNIGHT FANTASIES magazine

A treasure trove! I received the following email from Will Hart:

I didn’t realize until today, that you did not have copies of Wilum’s Midnight Fantasies Issues, so here are links to all I have. These files were scanned by me from my collection for Wilum in 2012 to replace his original copies that he no longer had in his possession. I hope these will bring a smile to your face!

Midnight Fantasies Number 0 – 1974

Midnight Fantasies Number 1 – 1974

Midnight Fantasies Number 2 – 1974

Midnight Fantasies, An Announcement – October 1974

Midnight Fantasies Supplement – April 1975

Midnight Fantasies Number 3 – May 1976

A huge THANKS to Will Hart for making these available!

4 responses to “W.H. Pugmire’s MIDNIGHT FANTASIES magazine

  1. These are marvelous – many thanks to Will for making them available and to Mike for archiving them on the site. Especially now, these are treasures to behold of Wilum’s creativity and love of sharing things of a Lovecraftian vein. Remembering you always, WHP. – rdl.

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