The Lovecraft eZine is going on a TEMPORARY hiatus

The Lovecraft eZine is going on a very temporary hiatus. I’ll explain below, but before I do, here’s a list of what’s NOT changing during the hiatus:

I won’t be checking email except in unique cases. I need to focus on my son. I’m NOT complaining, because this is helping him, and the folks who contributed to the GoFundMe made it possible, but… Monday through Friday, I drive him to a town an hour away from here. Then he has a treatment done, then we drive an hour back. This pretty much takes up half my day. It exhausts me, and it makes it hard to get much else done, especially considering that I’m dealing with some serious health issues myself — and they are getting worse.

So the bottom line is that the hiatus will continue until the Monday through Friday doctor drives are finished.

Not of that is a complaint. I’m lucky to have the wife and son that I have, and the friends that I’ve made through the eZine mean so much to me. I’m lucky that you folks have made my son’s treatment possible. I’ve got a lot to be thankful for.

As I say, none of that is a complaint — it’s just so you all understand the reason behind the hiatus.

Thanks for all the support, folks. I truly do appreciate it.

— Mike

14 responses to “The Lovecraft eZine is going on a TEMPORARY hiatus

  1. I wish you the best for you and your family, Mike. You’ve given so much to the community… taking your time is not a big deal. Take care.

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  2. Very understandable and a good move for both you and your son. Your dedication to the Lovecraft eZine over the years remains admirable and a blessing to many of us. But now you definitely need to focus on family matters and I’m sure you’ll have all of our blessings in doing that. Taking care of your son – and your self – comes first! The Elder Gods can be patient. best regards – rdl

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  3. There are times when our professional lives have to take a back seat to our personal lives and this is surely that time for you and your family. I wish you and yours the very best.

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  4. Mike,
    I’m hoping for the very best for you, your son, and your wife too; and truly sorry for your ongoing medical issues!
    The Lovecraft eZine is a wonderful place, but it will be even more wonderful when it’s not such a drain on you in the future.
    Stay healthy and happy as you can; and have a celebration when things get better for you and yours!
    And, Thank You for everything you have done for the entire Lovecraftian community!
    Will Hart

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  5. I had no prior knowledge of your ezine or your unfortunate circumstances. There is so many things that I have been through myself . Godspeed !

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  6. Your contributions are both unique and valuable. But, after 32 years an RN myself, I can confirm that you can’t take of other people if you don’t take of yourself. Scaling back on other tasks when facing yours (or other’s) health problem are a part of that. It was good of you to offer us an explanation. You have my respect and best wishes to you and your family.

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    • Aargh! Can’t edit major typo at 5am. So sorry. meant to say, ” you can’t take care of other people if you don’t take care of yourself. ” Fudge.

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  7. You take care of family first. I have been with yall for a long time and understand where you are coming from. The world can wait. Your family can’t or shouldn’t. We all love you and wish yall the best you can have.

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