We’re all in this together: update on the eZine podcast

Hello all! Mike here.

It’s a scary time, I know. But I want you to know that we will still be doing the podcast every Sunday (video) and uploading the audio edition a couple of days later.

Many of us are self-isolating, or at least staying at home now. And it’s easy to feel lonely, it’s easy to worry about the future. But we’re a community, we’re all in this together. And that’s why I feel it’s important to keep the video-cast / podcast going.

Please feel free to comment below; let me know how you’re doing! And remember, though it might not seem like it right now, this too shall pass.

And remember, you can always check the list of upcoming guests at this link (scroll down). You’ll also find links to the Youtube page (so you can chat with us during the live show), and links to the audio podcast page.


9 responses to “We’re all in this together: update on the eZine podcast

  1. Hi Mike
    Thanks for this post! Your podcast always puts me in a good mood with its weird camaraderie and sense of humor. The episode was great with Jan Pedersen and Joe Pulver. Hope you and the crew stay safe & healthy. My wife has compromised immune system so we have to be careful.
    We noticed the Chicago aquarium is letting their penguins take breaks outside their cages and look at other exhibits since there’s no visitors right now. Hopefully they keep the giant cephalopods in their enclosures!
    Thanks again Mike let’s all keep positive.

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  2. I also want to say thank you Mike, for your post and for making this site not just a place to immerse ourselves in the escapism of all things Lovecraftian, but also a forum for public discussion of what’s on our minds.

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  3. “The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear, and the oldest and strongest kind of fear is fear of the unknown.” -H.P. Lovecraft
    Fear can paralyzes us. It can make us act irrationally and do things we would not do in ordinary circumstances. It makes us vulnerable but can also make dangerous. The worst atrocities in history were committed because of fear and ignorance. Many of us are afraid. Some of us are angry. Angry because we feel helpless and because we think we should have been better prepared to deal with this crisis as individuals, as a nation, and as a global community. Furious because we know we are being manipulated by the fear-mongers, and yet we are compelled to do exactly what they want us to do: live in fear and isolation. I know that ultimately we as a people will get through this. But at what cost?

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