The Scariest Short Stories Ever Written

I recently asked horror writers and readers to name the scariest and/or creepiest short stories they’ve ever read. They gave me several amazing lists!

Copying all of them here is too daunting a task, but you can listen to the recent podcast on this topic, and/or read the threads below:

Scariest Short Stories, Twitter thread.

Scariest Short Stories, Facebook thread.

Scariest Short Stories, Lovecraft eZine group thread (you must join to see these).

My “To-Be-Read” list has grown immensely because of this! 🙂

Listen to the “Scariest Stories” podcast episode:

Also available on Spotify and iTunes!

(Got any to add? Comment below.)

2 responses to “The Scariest Short Stories Ever Written

  1. HI! I missed the live conversation, but loved watching later! For me, the most effective horror tale I’ve read likely doesn’t fit the category for the list of short stories. It’s T.E.D. Klein’s “Nadelman’s God,” I can credit that tale for making me reconsider the possibility of metaphysical evil. And “Dark Gods” is — heck, it’s incredible! Then there’s “The Monkey’s Paw”, which was the first short story to really hit me as a kid. The way Jacobs ends that, “The streetlamp opposite shone on a cold, deserted lane,” is rhythmically perfect, and incredibly sinister, because in its description of emptiness, he actually implies that there’s SOMETHING there, watching, gloating… Just awesome. I’m also a big fan of “The Willows” by Blackwood, and a more recent entry into the field, “Triumph” by Damir Salkovic. He’s just digging into getting material published, but his work is fantastic. I also love “Buckets” by F. Paul Wilson, and all of Tom Monteleone’s wickedly smart shorts. His ability to pack a punch is unparalleled! Thanks, again, all. I love every show, and this one was a real fest for me, a big, big fan of great short tales! As The Prisoner says, Be Seeing You! 🙂

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