If you enjoy horror movie soundtracks, you’ll like this Kickstarter: “Haunting Melody”

Do you enjoy horror movie soundtracks? If so, please help my friend Bridgette Brenmark meet her Kickstarter goal. It’s a VERY cool project, with some wonderful rewards! 🙂

As I write this, there are only 35 hours left. But we can still make it.

🎃 The Kickstarter is here.

HAUNTING MELODY is for horror fans and/or musicians and is filled with original illustrations of creepy scenes and classic monsters!  Learn what makes scary music sound scary by going on an adventure! 8.5×11 book with over 70 pages of inspiration.

While having a background in music is recommended for the exercises, it is not necessary in order to enjoy the story and the illustrations.

Time is short! Bridgette is a panelist on my podcast. She’s a wonderful person and she truly deserves the support. 

Plus… cool swag!!!

🎃 The Kickstarter is here.

Please — spread the word! 🙂

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