LIVE Lovecraft eZine Podcast at NecronomiCON!

⚡️ Going to NecronomiCON? Join us for a live Lovecraft eZine Podcast!

WHEN: 12:30pm Eastern Time, on Friday, August 19.

WHERE: The 200-seat Capital Ballroom on the second floor of the Graduate Hotel (formerly the Biltmore).

PLEASE NOTE THIS CHANGE: Because of my recent live tech sound issues, I don’t want to take the chance that it happens again. So instead of broadcasting live, we will be taping the podcast, and then immediately uploading it to Youtube to this playlist.

(And by the way: If you can’t make it to the convention, stay tuned to this Lovecraft eZine NECRONOMICON 2022 Playlist! I’ll be uploading videos to this list frequently, as well as to my Twitter account.)

If you are going to NecronomiCON: masks are required. I’m slightly claustrophobic so I really can’t stand them, but they save lives and I think it’s the right call.

With that in mind: Please wear a Lovecraft eZine Podcast mask at NecronomiCON! I’d really appreciate it. It helps to spread the word in a unique way. Choose one (or three!): Mask One, Mask Two, Mask Three.

(I’d also love it if you wore a Podcast t-shirt. It’s a hell of a great way to spread the word, and we don’t get many opportunities to do it this way. Choices: T-shirt One, T-shirt Two, T-shirt Three.)

I really appreciate your support!

Last but not least: a cool new podcast feature! If you have a question or a comment, leave us a voicemail at ‪(515) 650-2540.

See you at NecronomiCON, I hope! (Remember about our Patreon dinner!)


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