GoFundMe for the Davis Family. Please help if you can.

(GoFundMe link)

Hi everyone. It’s been a tough year.

My wife has lost two brothers this year, the last one just a couple of weeks ago. It’s hard to put into words how hard this has been on her. But in addition to the heartache, she has had to travel several times for funerals with money that we didn’t really have.

One of our cars has needed repairs for about a month. I’ve been trying to get by with one car, trying to get by with just the minimum of money that we have, but today I learned that the second car needs to go in the shop. So we really could use your help.

If what I do means something to you, I hope you’ll chip in a bitLovecraft eZine means a lot to me, but it doesn’t pay much. I’m grateful to the Patreons who help, and they definitely make it possible for me to pay the bills most of the time.

But when extra medical bills come up for me, as they just have, and both cars need to be fixed, and more that I won’t bore you with… I just need some help.

I feel ashamed for asking. But then again, someone just reminded me that even NPR fundraises from time to time! Ha.

Anyway, please help if you can, and I appreciate each and every person who does. Thank you.


(GoFundMe link)

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