Monday Lovecraftian Links

A few Lovecraft links to get you through your Monday:

6 ways to turn Cthulhu into an emoticon: “If you’re like me, from time to time you’ll suddenly find yourself needing to use a Cthulhu emoticon…”

Lovecraft In Full Color: A Lovecraftian comic from 1991 that I just found out about.

The Shunned House audio: A recording I found at SFF Audio.

Notice the cool new banner at the top of this page?  It’s courtesy of Rick Rudd, who created it especially for this website.  Thanks, Rick!

Have a great Monday, everyone!


5 responses to “Monday Lovecraftian Links

  1. All the issues of Lovecraft in Full Color were reprinted in an omnibus graphic novel from Transfuzion Publishing, Worlds of HP Lovecraft Vol 1. It came out in 2008 and lists for $15.99. It also has:
    The Lurking Fear (Lovecraft in Full Color 1991)
    The Tomb (Lovecraft in Full Color 1992)
    The Alchemist (Lovecraft in Full Color 1992)
    Beyond the Wall of Sleep (Lovecraft in Full Color 1992)

    Here is a link:


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