I need Kindle and Nook test subjects…!

Hey Lovecraftian friends!  I hope everyone is having a great week so far.  If you have a Kindle or a Nook, I could use your help: I’m tweaking the Kindle/Nook version of issue #4, and I could use a few test subjects.  I need to make sure it looks readable and reasonably professional on both units.  Anyone want to help me out today?  If so, please comment below.

Disclaimer: Not responsible if the nameless horror uploaded to your Kindle/Nook causes you to go insane…

22 responses to “I need Kindle and Nook test subjects…!

  1. Haven’t got a kindle, but have a kindle app on my tablet. Which should be the same. If that is ok, I am ready for testing whatever you need tested. 🙂


  2. I’ve got a Kindle and I’d be happy to beta for you. Warning though, I was one of the last ones on the Kindle bus so I’m still learning how to work the durn thang.


  3. Have kindle and will gladly risk further insanity for the good of the Lovecraft community 😉


  4. I have a Kindle, with plenty of space.. and I’m sure i can get an elder sign on it… to help.. of course.


  5. OK everyone: Here is the Kindle/Nook test version of issue 4. I need to make things are consistent from story to story, that it looks good both on the Kindle and the Nook, etc etc etc.

    Click the following link to download the pdf file, then upload it to your Kindle or Nook: http://www.sendspace.com/pro/dl/pg952w

    Please leave feedback below. Thanks for your help!


  6. I downloaded the issue to my Kindle and read it this afternoon, excellent job, Mike! The formatting was perfect, the only small thing I noticed was the graphics were on the dark side, but the text was fine in both portrait and landscape versions.


  7. I did a quick scan on the Color Nook and it looks fine. Did not seeing any weird formatting issues. One note. On the color nook, the tiny illustrations are a little disappointing. Since I have the color version, would be cool to see those filling the page to the margin at least 🙂 But understand that might impact file size.


  8. I loaded it onto my nook and it looked fine. It didn’t quite fill the screen, however. I think an epub might have worked better than a PDF, but I was able to read all the text.


  9. Reporting in as a wiling (and fully insured) test subject.

    Also I have some slight experience with building ebooks in various formats. Nothing professional yet, but as soon as I get this d@mn novel done …

    Anywho, I’d be honored to test for you!


  10. I put my Kindle email to subscribe. Silly me, your email is a No-Reply so it wouldn’t work. I’d love to be a part of the testing. Sign me up.


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