8 responses to “Cthulhu, drawn by H.P. Lovecraft himself

  1. It is authentic and it can be found reproduced in Arkham House’s Selected Letters series of books. Technically it is a drawing of the Cthulhu IDOL, not of Cthulhu himself. A small difference, but given Cthulhu’s plasticity of shape, possibly a critical one.

    Kind Regards


  2. Oh yes, there were two floating around online for quite some time! I’m not sure where I first saw Lovecraft’s sketches… probably the aforementioned Selected Letters books or perhaps in a chapbook on Barlow. I don’t rememeber whether Joshi and Schultz’s “O Fortunate Floridian” reproduce the drawings(?).

    Btw Zombiequadrille, those sculptures are amazing.


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