“On Dark Paths”, by Andrew Kincaid

First: Thanks to all of you who donated, the March and April issues have been saved!  Thank you so much.  I’m working on issue 12 all day today, and it will be published on the website tomorrow.  After that, I’ll be able to send out the personal “thank-yous” that I owe many of you.

But while you’re waiting on issue #12… I’ve been meaning to get around to talking about On Dark Paths, by Andrew Kincaid.  I stumbled across this Kindle book and took a chance on it, figuring if it was terrible I had only wasted $2.99.  Well, I did not waste my money, to say the least.

I don’t know if the author considers himself a Lovecraftian writer, but some of the stories in this book were very Lovecraftian, with plots I really enjoyed.  It was a good sign when I started reading the very first page of the very first story, Beyond the Veil:

Reality as we know it is little more than a veil.  It’s thin and porous as an eggshell; it doesn’t take much for something from Outside to slip in via some unholy osmosis…

I enjoyed every story; three of my favorites were The Thing That Smiles, Black-Eyed Kids, and Beyond the Veil.  Not every story was Lovecraftian, but most of them were.  Mr. Kincaid would benefit from a good editor, but if you’re willing to look beyond a few typos and grammatical errors, this is a book that any Lovecraftian would enjoy.

If you want something to read while you wait on issue #12, you’ll enjoy On Dark Paths; it is very much in the same vein as Lovecraft eZine.

Buy On Dark Paths, by Andrew Kincaid — only $2.99.

One response to ““On Dark Paths”, by Andrew Kincaid

  1. Thanks for the post Mike. I buy a lot of the books you suggest and I’ve enjoyed them all.




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