4 responses to “HPL Film Festival!

  1. I am eagerly awaiting for the Horror directors to finally get on the bandwagon to making multi million dollar productions of Lovecrafts work. It can’t happen fast enough for me!


    • Me too, though the more money is thrown at a movie the more people it has to please, hence the obligatory car chase, the obligatory romance … and the near-obligatory “up” ending, which seems especially a problem for Lovecraft adaptations. Had high hopes for del Toro’s AtMoM, it’s very sad the project seems now to have been derailed.


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  3. There were two t-shirts I especially wanted to take, your Lovecraft eZine tee and the one of for Lovecrafgt: Fear of the Unknown. I folded them so nice and set them aside — and FORGOT to pack them! I’m getting bad in my old age……..


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