Call for Submissions: Themed Issues

The upcoming August issue is space/future/scifi themed.  As you know, I just did a “Deep Ones” themed issue, and it went off very well.  The October issue will be a tribute to Roger Zelazny’s book A Night in the Lonesome October.

Writers, here are some more themes I want to do:

  • Christmas themed Lovecraftian stories for the December issue (I have 2 accepted stories for this, but need more).
  • Another Deep Ones issue (I already have several submissions, but need more).
  • Weather-themed issues: Lovecraftian stories in which the weather plays a prominent role.  For example: Rain, storms, snow, blizzards, and if you really want to get accepted, write a great Lovecraftian autumn story!  Falling leaves, cold rain, fall colors…  🙂
  • Author Brad Sinor recently convinced me that there are no copyright problems with doing another Lovecraftian Sherlock Holmes issue.  So this is my official call for submissions for that, as well.
  • A Lovecraftian time travel themed issue.
  • Last, but not least, I’ve been reading about rogue planets.  I may or may not get enough stories to do a full issue, but read about them and tell me you don’t see the Lovecraftian implications.  Very cool stuff.

Exciting things are ahead!  In the meantime, please enjoy this first draft cover of the upcoming August issue (below)!  Art by the talented Leslie Herzfeld.

Questions?  Please comment below.  And remember that the usual submission requirements still apply.

August cover – DRAFT – by Leslie Herzfeld

22 responses to “Call for Submissions: Themed Issues

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  2. Pingback: WIP at the Weekend « HUNTING MONSTERS·

  3. The guy who made the initial report posted back with…

    Just checked again. When I try to view it, it says “blocked by Trend Micro Titanium Internet Security 2012.”

    Looks like whatever that is is reporting false positives. Anyway, I’ve shared your reply, which will hopefully reassure people,

    Thanks Mike.


  4. I shared this post on my Facebook group: OPEN CALL: SCIENCE FICTION, FANTASY & PULP MARKETS
    A couple of people have commented that their browser (Google Chrome) blocks the page as “suspicious”. I have no idea if anyone has had a problem using other browsers. You may want to look into why that is happening. It’s not uncommon for these blockers to report false positives, but it could put some people off visiting the website.


    • Well, I’m almost done with the October one; but I’ll keep accepting submissions through the end of August. The others are more or less when I get enough submissions for that particular theme. December, probably end of October.


  5. Brad Sinor! Hey, I know that guy. He writes some excellent Sherlock Holmes stories. I’m looking forward to seeing what he does with this one. I’m going to put some serious thought into these themes and see what I can come up with myself. I’m really liking the weather theme and I think the Christmas one could be fun.


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