Lovecraft eZine Press is currently CLOSED to submissions.

How To Submit

Send submissions to — be sure that the word “submission” is in the subject of the email, as well as the title of your novella/novel/collection. In the body of the email, please give me a brief synopsis of the book.

Here are a few comments from authors I have published:

“You’re on my list of Best Editors.  You actually communicate with your authors and you pay attention to the comments people make on your site. I’ve run into too many who don’t! (and you pay when you say you will- another important consideration!)”

– Patricia Correll


“Dear Mike, First, I can’t thank you enough for your lovely intro to the story on your site. I have never been so amazingly treated. Where were you years ago? … You’ve thrilled me by taking the story. I enjoyed writing it immensely, and wouldn’t have, if it weren’t for you. I must tell you both that I am also extremely impressed by the look of what you’re doing there. You’re presenting the stories beautifully. There are many ‘publishers’ who don’t know the first thing about legibility, let alone style. I’m pleased as anything that you guys DO… Even your community networking has great style and substance.  Are you, by any chance, gods?  Yours obediently, if so…”

– Anna Tambour


“Just wanted to say that I’ve been blow away by your website/magazine. First it was the audio version of my story, then it was all the quick feedback I’ve received about my story, and now it’s the amount of feedback. I’ve had stories come out in print anthologies that never had a single review or word said about them, and here, in 2 days, I’ve had about a dozen comments. You, good sir, have one hell of a magazine.”

– Brian M. Sammons


“I spend weeks/months on a story. Revise it. Send it out to folks for critique. Revise it again. Revise it, sometimes, many, many times until I’m satisfied that it’s as good as it can possibly be. Then I send it out to an editor. After a few months, the editor lets me know if the story has been accepted or rejected. Then another few months (or longer) until it gets published. Then (maybe, not all the time, but sometimes) I’ll get some reader response…  one of my stories was published in The Lovecraft eZine. The eZine maintains a comments thread under each piece, so that readers can provide feedback, dissect the stories, criticize them, etc. So far, the reader response for A Catechism For Aspiring Amnesiacs has been quite positive.   In fact, I’ve been overjoyed to find that in addition to reader feedback, the story has been praised by a few long-established and critically-acclaimed Lovecraftian authors. People like Wilum PugmireJoe Pulver, and Ann K. Schwader have taken time to post positive remarks in the comments thread underneath the story.  Their praise (along with the praise of several readers) has just bowled me over. I really don’t know what to say. So, I’ll just keep it simple and say, Thank You. Thank you for reading my story and letting me know what you think of it.”

– Nicole Cushing


“Oh, how I love being published in ye Lovecraft eZine!!”

– W.H. Pugmire