Watch the Jeffrey Thomas video chat here…

…and authors W.H. Pugmire and Joseph Pulver Sr. will also be there!  Watch it LIVE below.  Or, if you’re reading this later, you’ll be seeing the recorded version.  If you have questions for Jeffrey Thomas, comment below and I’ll ask him.

All are welcome to join the chat; if you want to join, email me at .  You’ll need a Google account.

8 responses to “Watch the Jeffrey Thomas video chat here…

  1. This and all the chats have been very enjoyable. I appreciate it that they get posted afterwards so I’m able to find some bits of time here and there to get through them. Ashamedly I’d never purchased ‘Punktown’ because I didn’t like the title. After hearing more about it I’ve already ordered a copy.


  2. What a great chat! Loved it!

    Sorry for Joe’s weird background noise. Seems google chat activated the wrong microphone. I can hear the Nightgaunt and the servant in the background ;). In other words: Yay, I’m on the chat too … Seriously, I’ll check the microphone settings beforehand the next time around.


  3. A fascinating intermingling of minds with a fine spotlight on my brother Jeffrey! I so enjoyed being able to hear such intelligent and in depth conversation on varied aspects of the world of writing and creativity. It was a thrill to see Jeffrey and Joe Pulver and Wilum Pugmire actually conversing live. Mike asked intriguing, thoughtful questions throughout. Thanks to Lovecraft eZine for making this event happen and for allowing others to experience it vicariously. Jeffrey, of course, was brilliant and articulate!


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