Upcoming PUNKTOWN role-playing game!

I received the following email from Brian M. Sammons:

Hi Mike,

I was wondering if you were interested in running a story about an upcoming new Role Playing Game based not only on the venerable Call of Cthulhu game but the books and stories of author Jeffrey Thomas. It’s called Punktown, are you familiar with the series? If not, below is a little blurb I did for it for my FB page, including a link to a much more in-depth piece on the Punktown game. Feel free to use it, change it, or discard it as you see fit.

Do you know Punktown?

Well if you love very dark cyberpunk and the cold, cosmic horror of H.P. Lovecraft, then you really should. Punktown is a series of novels and stories by author Jeffrey Thomas and they are damn good. So good in fact, that some smart people thought that the world they’re set in would make a great RPG.

So what does this mean for you? Well how about a new game based on the Call of Cthulhu system combining cyberpunk and the Cthulhu Mythos coming out from Miskatonic River Press. Yep, that sounds like an awesome combination to me. For more info on this upcoming game of dark-future-cyber-Lovecraftian-horror, go here.

Oh and the best thing about this new game? I’m going to do a scenario for it. 🙂


And by the way, you can watch last Sunday’s video chat with Jeffrey Thomas, below!

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