Hurricane Sandy

I often remark that Lovecraftians are a family.  And many of you in the family are probably in the path of Hurricane Sandy.  If you are, please comment below and keep us posted on your situation.

If you’re not, please feel free to comment below and send your well-wishes to our Lovecraftian family on the east coast.

My thoughts are with all of you… please stay safe.

(And if you’re in Innsmouth, remember that Hurricane Sandy is not the only danger…) 😉


25 responses to “Hurricane Sandy

  1. Thanks Mike!! I’m actually in Southern Delaware, a few miles inland from the beaches and from Ocean City, MD. The beach areas are seeing a lot of flooding, but my town is ok for now. The school I work at is actually open as a shelter now, and I’ll be heading there shortly. The real storm hasn’t even hit yet, so it could be quite devastating to the beach towns.

    Thanks again for the kind thoughts, and I’ll keep you posted!!!


  2. Thanks for the post, Mike. I am in Manchester, CT (just east of Hartford). Grey and rainy now as the far edge of Sandy is just brushing by. We may or may not be in the center path, but will certainly have some nasty weather/wind for a time at the very least. I work at an Animal Rescue about 18 miles away and will go to work regardless, as some of the horses cannot be left to fend for themselves. Should be… interesting.


  3. Thanks, Mike. Southeastern PA here. Started getting very windy here late last night. We typically lose power for an extended length of time for the lightest of weather issues, so I am a bit concerned this one might put us out for a bit. Hopefully it comes and goes fast.


  4. Salem, MA. We’re expecting 80 mph winds today, but not too terribly much rain. This will be my first storm in the area, so I don’t know how my electricity, gas, or water will fare, but I’m not expecting it to get too bad.


  5. Thanks, Mike! I’m in central CT, about 20 miles west of Hartford and we’re hoping we don’t get whomped as badly as we did a year ago when we were without power for 8 days and without phone, Internet & cable for 13 days. As of 9am Monday, it’s just wet & breezy but the worst is expected from noon thru tonight.


  6. I am at a meeting in witch haunted Arkham…I mean, Red Sox haunted Boston, where I’m at the convention center and can see fog and sea gulls swirling over the waters of the Miskatonic…I mean the Charles River.

    If the winds get worse they’ll cancel shuttle bus service and flights will be delayed.


  7. Thanks, Mike! Warwick, RI…9:14 am…Only 35 mph gusts & minimal rain, at the moment…we are told that winds will be strongest between 10 am and 8:30 pm…power outages likely. We’re ready. We weathered Hugo, in Charleston SC, back in ’89!


  8. Thanks Mike! It’s about 9:45, and just a lovely windy day … so far. Groveland MA, 11 mi inland from Newburyport, where all the tv crews are camped out. We have a municipal electric company, and haven’t lost power in years, so we’re keeping fingers crossed. My husband’s flight to Texas was cancelled, and he’s happy to be home.


  9. This comradery stirs my heart to wish you all well. Currently unaffected in Oregon, but here is a thought, any of you north east dwellers heard of Plum Island Animal Disease Center ? Hope that place doesn’t get flooded.


  10. Here in RI, we’re doing rather well considering. The winds are the biggest problem with expected wide spread power losses. The high tide tonight will be the biggest danger as the storm surge is expected to be in excess of 12 feet. Rain, so far, is not too bad.


  11. Thanks for the well-wishes, Mike. I’m in Northern NJ, a few miles south of NYC, and we’re expecting the worst during the latter part of today and into early tomorrow. It’s kind of nice that I’ve got off from school, and probably won’t be going back until Friday or so, if it’s as damaging as they predict. Of course, I’m very worried about all of my family & friends around here, and hope everyone’s safe.


  12. Well Living here in New Hampshire we are expecting to get a lot wind and rain, with some power loss too. Flooding will only be a problem for those living on the coast.
    My family are ready we have all things needed if we lose power.


  13. Everyone stay safe. And remember to take pictures of any icky fish people that wash up when it passes through.


  14. very kind of you to think of all of us East Coasters 🙂 Here in DC the city is on total lockdown, no metro service, all schools closed and the gov’t shuttered till wednesday *we think?* we’ve had flooding and terrible winds but so far the inner city is aside from windswept and soaking wet, seemingly ok. but for those of us not downtown its ever worse in Nova and the outlying suburbs

    So I’ve been watching Cast a Deadly Spell and Witch Hunt on repeat 😉


  15. Eastern NC here, in my local area just more wind and rain than normal, so far not as bad as some I have see here. Still waiting on report from Goosecreek Island to see how family that way is fairing. People down there are still devistated from Irene, some folks still have houses jacked up in the air on wooden pallets but no foundations. My brother is in VA, just south of DC, as of lastnight most government offices were closed so him and his wife were staying in with the baby. So, all my lot is doing well as of this posting; though, my heart goes out to people on the water’s edge and those that are closer to the eye’s center.

    Thank you for thinking of us eastcoasters.

    (on a side note I think it is just Cthulhu having a nightmare of picnics and children playing in the park on a sunny day, and he rolled over)


  16. I’m in Monmouth County, NJ, just south of New York harbor. No power (like 2.7 million of my neighbors), but we bought a generator after last August’s hurricane, and I figured out how to power our fiber optic Internet access, so here I am. There’s a dent in the garage roof, but lots and lots of tree limbs down. Came out of it pretty well, all things considered.


      • I watched the news after I posted the above and saw how bad it really was, especially in New York. Should of called it hurricane Cuthulhu instead of Sandy. Hopefully most of you have escaped the worst of it. Hope no new islands arise off the coast. Best of luck.


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