Watch the HALLOWEEN show here!

I’m Mike Davis… Welcome to the very first Lovecraft eZine HALLOWEEN show!  Join author Scott Thomas and me as we reminisce about Halloween, and our favorite Halloween books, movies, audios, and more.

Simply click the play button in the Youtube video below to watch the chat LIVE, or, if you miss the live show, to watch the recorded version.

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Below are links to some of the books, movies, and other things that we are talking about in this chat.  All links open in a new window, so you can browse them while you continue to watch the show.

BOOKS (Many of these have Kindle editions, if you’re in the mood to start reading immediately!)  There are also a few others that I didn’t get around to talking about.

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9 responses to “Watch the HALLOWEEN show here!

  1. The movie that you were mentioning where the girl goes through the wall sounds like Coraline (2009). This was directed by Henry Selick, although the feel is quite similar to a lot of Tim Burton’s work. The film is actually adapted from a book by Neil Gaiman. Gaiman helped adapt the book for film. Although I have not read the book, I understand that they made some changes to “make it work”, notably the introduction of Wybie. I think that the film is brilliant, and the amount of work required to produce it by stop-motion animation is staggering.


  2. Wanted to mention my favorite films from my youth, the Amicus Studios Horror Anthologies. I have fond memories of films like “Asylum” and “The House That Dripped Blood”. I can remember my parents taking myself and a friend and dropping us off at the movie theater. This was back in the mid seventies, when theaters had special Saturday morning and afternoon double features. Hard to remember a day without DVDs and streaming video at our fingertips.


  3. watched as far as to Vincent price recorded playback/discussion – enjoyable and since i don’t know much about horror i enjoyed the ed&info…cool. – Kimbo


  4. My favorite Halloween was 8th grade. Returning from a Halloween party I heard some old radio show in the car, spent til midnight listening to them, then read Algernon Blackwood’s “The Willows” for the first time in the wee hours. I was glad to have my dog for company that night!


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