Today’s Video Chat: PUNKTOWN!

As you all know, every Sunday at 6pm EST, I host the Lovecraft eZine Video Chat.  Today, Sunday the 9th, I’ll be chatting LIVE with Jeffrey Thomas, Tom Lynch, Brian Sammons, and others about the Punktown RPG!  You don’t want to miss this one.

If you haven’t yet read Punktown, you’re missing out.  From Amazon:

In “The Reflections of Ghosts,” an artist clones himself to make art for sadistic patrons, until he finds himself trapped in the ultimate self-absorption. The shadows of Poe and Lovecraft lie subtly over “The Palace of Nothingness,” a mysterious, abandoned factory that may not be empty after all. And a chip-implanted detective who can forget nothing must examine mass-murder scenes in “The Library of Sorrows.”

Like Ray Bradbury, Jeffrey Thomas writes dark science fiction at the border of horror, and like Bradbury’s collection, The Martian Chronicles, Thomas’s Punktown uses a shared setting to tell very different stories of very different characters, both human and alien. The Martian Chronicles follows the rise and fall of the human colonization of Mars, while Punktown‘s nine stories (seven previously unpublished) follow a more subtle arc, examining the course of human development, from destructive youth through the dangers of parenthood and career to late adulthood, when losses and the weight of memories bring their own horrors. As The Martian Chronicles uses the future to consider mid-American, midcentury concerns, Punktown uses the future to reflect a fin-de-siècle present shaped by brutally rapid change, by rampant abuse, by the dehumanizing acts of governments and corporations, and by serial-killer epidemics and schoolroom massacres.

Punktown is a place like no other, and the role-playing game will be spectacular.  It needs your help to get funded, though.  Check out the Punktown RPG Kickstarter here.

If you want to watch the video chat LIVE, simply go to at 6pm EST!

If you haven’t read Punktown yet, you can buy it at these links: Punktown (print) and Punktown (Kindle).

Punktown RPG

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