Watch the PUNKTOWN video chat right here!

Click play in the Youtube video below to watch the PUNKTOWN video chat LIVE, or, to watch the recorded version later.

Punktown is a place like no other, and the role-playing game will be spectacular.  It needs your help to get funded, though.  Check out the Punktown RPG Kickstarter here.

If you haven’t read Punktown yet, you can buy it at these links: Punktown (print) and Punktown (Kindle).

If you have a question you’d like me to ask, put it in the comments below.

11 responses to “Watch the PUNKTOWN video chat right here!

  1. I’m gonna have to stop listening to these chats. They cost me too much. I thought I was safe, as I don’t have the time for RPG’s, but I ended up deciding I wanted the book anyway & had to pledge $10.00.


  2. Um, after reading the next tale “Pink Pills” last night, I have no fear that it’s going down hill. It is incredible how you can create so much depth, with so few words. Wonderful stuff. Thanks for the work and your reply. Happy Holidays!


    • Once again, Lou, most flattered! Perhaps one day I’ll have the pleasure of hearing you do an audio reading of a Punktown story on the Lovecraft eZine! Happy Holidays to you and yours, too!


  3. Wow, Lou, that’s a most gratifying testimonial! I’m so pleased you were inspired to check out my Punktown work. Actually, “The Reflections of Ghosts” is my personal favorite Punktown short story…not to say it’s all down hill from there. 😉 Thanks again!


  4. Happily my first audio reading for Lovecraft eZine was a story by Jeffrey. I had never read any of his work before. After listening to this video chat and learning about Punktown, I went directly to Amazon and purchased several of the Punktown related books. After only reading the very first short story “The Reflections Of Ghosts”, I’m hooked! My name is Lou Columbus. I’m a Punktown addict and Jeffrey Thomas is my pusher.


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