S.T. Joshi video interview

S.T. Joshi

S.T. Joshi

Update: This live event is over, but you can watch the recorded version of my interview with S.T. Joshi below.

S.T. Joshi’s I Am Providence is now out in paperback.

Join us every Sunday for the Lovecraft eZine video chats!  All Lovecraftians are welcome.  Details at this link.

3 responses to “S.T. Joshi video interview

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  2. Thanks for the enjoyable Joshi interview. He is an extremely interesting person in his own right and probably deserves his own biographer.
    I have been watching this site for about a month now and I think I’ve become addicted. Haven’t had time to read much of the content of the magazine, but the new Lovecraftian fiction is satisfying and intriguing…wish I had more patience reading off of a screen.
    Anyway… mention was made of “Lovecraft Noir” and I wonder if you know the short novel “Pulptime” byP.H.Cannon? (Weirdbook Press, 1984) “An apocryphal tale of HPL and His Friends…narrated by Frank Belknap Long” …(jacket blurb)
    Also I haven’t seen any mention of author Dan Simmons. At least two of his books, I’d say, have a strong taste of Lovecraftian Cosmic Horror to them… FIRES OF EDEN and THE TERROR.

    Keep up the good work.

    Dave P.
    Long Island, NY


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