Trailer for “Vomica”, a horror story set in World War 2 and inspired by H.P. Lovecraft

This looks very interesting, and I think I’ll be doing a Sunday video chat with these guys soon.  One of the filmmakers tells me: “We’re now moving ahead with getting the film finished – though we can’t film until October as our leading man is off doing an acting job! (One of the problems of using good actors on micro-budget film projects).”

I’ll keep you posted as I find out more.

4 responses to “Trailer for “Vomica”, a horror story set in World War 2 and inspired by H.P. Lovecraft

  1. I was briefly reminded of Michael Mann’s film “The Keep,” which was a pretty bad but interesting horror movie based on a novel by F. Paul Wilson (who’s a bit of a Lovecraftian).

    Thanks for pointing out all these cool independent films, Mike. I really liked “Absentia, ” “AM 1200,” and “The Whisperer in Darkness.” I think your site is about the best on the web for information on Lovecraftian movies.


  2. Hi I’m one of the film Makers. 🙂 the comment’s on here are honest which is what we need! Friends on facebook and people on twitter just say, Yeah that’s cool or nothing at all. Thanks Mike We need to hear some proper critique and your subscibers do that! More of it! We make this stuff for HPL fans at the end of the day because thats what we are. Thanks for putting this up and everyone feel free to comment.


  3. Hi. Been awhile since I have commented here and thought I should finally get back to it. First, the trailer looks great. Loved the quote of H.P.’s at the beginning and there’s a general feel of the weird once you take the viewer into the tunnels. The only problem , that I see, is your title. Now, I don’t have an issue with it myself (I think I know where you are going with it) , but when you folks put this on the festival circuit, I think , when you sell it, and you most likely will, the money people will start carping about changing it. I can just hear their reaction, “Vomica, Vomica”! Oh, that just won’t do. No, no, no, nooooo! Let’s call it the “The Tunnel”, yeah, that’s it!”. Or something else with no imagination to it. Of course, you may luck out and get somebody with a great, goofy mindset. Who knows? Well, that’s my two cents worth, thanks for the preview. And, at Mike, it would be fun watching a video chat with these folk.


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