Tonight’s video chats!

Cthulhu pays a visit to a recent "Lovecraft eZine" video chat...

Cthulhu pays a visit to a recent “Lovecraft eZine” video chat…

Here’s the short version: Watch us play Call of Cthulhu at 9:00 ET, and at midnight ET, it’s “Late Night with Lovecraft eZine”!  Watch both chats here: Lovecraft eZine current LIVE video chats.  (All LIVE video chats will be at that link, so it’s a good page to bookmark.)

Our usual Friday night Call of Cthulhu game was rescheduled for tonight at 9:00pm ET (8pm Central, 6pm Pacific).  Not a gamer?  That’s okay; it’s a lot of fun to watch, not only for the great Lovecraftian story, but it’s pretty damn funny.  You can’t watch without laughing… guaranteed.

After that, at midnight ET (11pm Central, 9pm Pacific), we will be discussing The New Daughter, a film with major Lovecraftian themes starring Kevin Costner.  Join us, but be aware that there WILL be spoilers, so it’s best to watch the movie before you watch the video chat — you’ve still got time!  It’s available on Amazon streaming.

If you want to join “Late Night with Lovecraft eZine”, email me at .  Or, simply watch us at this link: Lovecraft eZine current LIVE video chats.

(And remember: Tomorrow at 4:00pm ET I’ll be talking with horror author Ramsey Campbell about his new Lovecraftian novel The Last Revelation of Gla’aki.)

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