“Lovecraft eZine” 2012 Kindle megapack now available!

cover by Jethro Lentle: http://www.jethrolentle.com

Issues #10 through #20 of The Lovecraft eZine are now available in a megapack at Amazon!  These are the 2012 issues (you can buy the 2011 megapack here).

65 Lovecraftian stories for only $4.99.  That’s a hell of a deal, wouldn’t you say?  And this megapack includes the October 2012 tribute issue to Roger Zelazny’s A Night in the Lonesome October!

Buy it here: The Lovecraft eZine 2012 megapack (issues #10 – #20)

And here’s the previous megapack, if you don’t have it yet: The Lovecraft eZine 2011 megapack (issues #1 – #9)

Would you like to get both megapacks FREE?  Go here to find out how.

And hey, all: The 2011 megapack has some great reviews; I’d sure appreciate some reviews for the 2012 megapack.

Nook edition coming soon… very soon.

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