Watch “Dagon” for free, then discuss it with us in tonight’s video chat

On tonight’s “Late Night with Lovecraft eZine”, we’ll be discussing the Stuart Gordon film Dagon.  “Late Night with Lovecraft eZine” begins tonight at midnight Eastern time (11pm Central, 9pm Pacific).

If you want to join us, email me at and I’ll send you an invitation.  Or, you can simply watch the video chat LIVE and discuss and interact with us on The Lovecraft eZine public message board.

Watch us chat LIVE, here.

Watch Dagon below — see you at midnight ET (11pm Central, 9pm Pacific)!

One response to “Watch “Dagon” for free, then discuss it with us in tonight’s video chat

  1. Hey friends, looks like I am a little late to join you in video, but I will leave a message here before crashing out, sending another day into the oblivion as I dream the dreams of a mad man.
    >Spoiler Alert<
    When Paul lit himself on fire, something inside me screamed- "NO!!! YOU FOOL!! YOU COULD HAVE HAD IT ALL!" But then Uxia saved him, her brother/lover, and they swam off into the abyss for eternity…
    Does Paul know how to implement some melee weapons or what? Pocket knife, cell phone, hub cap, and toilet tank cover! Excellent choice of weapons when you find yourself thrown into a nightmare dreamscape…
    Overall, I thought the movie carried the theme well. The acting? Mmm, well, could use some work. I am in love with Macerena Gomez, (Sexykiller, The Werewolf Hunt, a bunch of shorts) so her presence was a nice surprise, I would totally look past the tentacles! Maybe even implement them into our deep sea bedroom antics because I know Paul would.


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