“Lovecraft eZine” issue 26 preview (August)!

Artwork by Peter Szmer: http://www.peterszmer.com

Artwork by Peter Szmer: http://www.peterszmer.com

Issue #26 of The Lovecraft eZine will be online within the next 10 days.  I’ve got a spectacular issue for you!  Here’s a preview of the upcoming issue:

The Crevasse, by Dale Bailey and Nathan Ballingrud: As most of you know, I publish very, very few reprints.  When I do publish one, though, it’s because I feel that story is incredible and that it deserves to be read by as many people as possible.  The Crevasse falls into that category — in fact, it is literally one of my favorite Lovecraftian tales, and I feel privileged that it appears in issue #26.  Here’s an excerpt: A stairwell, cut seamlessly into the stone itself, and no human stairwell either: each riser fell away three feet or more, the stair itself winding endlessly into fathomless depths of earth, down and down and down until it curved away beyond the reach of his frail human light, and further still toward some awful destination he scarcely dared imagine…

Cement Shoe Cthulhu, by Derek Ferreira: The upcoming Lovecraft convention NecronomiCon (held in Providence, August 22 – 25) is almost upon us, so this excerpt is fitting: Providence might not be my hometown, but it’s grown on me.  It’s a city on the edge, driven right to the brink by greed, nepotism and corruption.  It’s exactly the kind of environment that caters to a man like me.  No, Providence isn’t my home, but as I take the turn down a familiar, claustrophobic, cobbled road towards Tcho – Tcho’s bar, I realize how comfortable it and I have become together…

Between, by William Meikle: “I dream,” he said. “I see them, there in the mud, half-obscured by acrid smoke lit red by the flares; Private Jones, his face melted by a cloud of mustard gas, Corporal MacLean, his guts on the outside, fighting weakly as the rats tear at them, my batman, Donnie, staring at his legs which are lying in the mud clear across the trench.”  Tears ran down Roger’s cheeks.  “And every night it is the same question… Why did I live?”

The Moon’s Architecture, by Graham Lowther: Someone walked up to me while I stood in the gray dampness, waiting for the public transport, and asked me if I had the time, with a peculiar emphasis on “time”. “What Time do you have?” What made this particularly strange was that I had been asked this same question, with the same peculiar emphasis, several times that day, by different strangers. After I glanced at my watch and supplied the answer, this person immediately asked the same question of the person standing next to me. “What Time do you have?”  My fellow public transport user said straightaway, “It will be tomorrow…”

The Arkham Terror, by Pete Rawlik: I remember that night. I remember the hot dry breeze rolling down the streets carrying with it the stench of humanity, and the stink of death. It was low tide and even in the college district I could smell the river. Insects, mostly mosquitoes, gnats and moths with the occasional beetle, were thick that night. They swarmed about the street lights, at windows, and around our heads like clouds of dust, drifting purposefully into our ears, our noses and our eyes. The howling that had filled the night before was gone, replaced by a thin drone that worked its way into my teeth, through my jaw and finally drilling down to the deep recesses of my brain. As time progressed the denizens of the night revealed themselves…

The Pariah, by Bruce Durham: Ever a threat, though clearly unorganized, these lawless souls were at some point christened the Pariah, the name resulting from disturbing reports of strange cannibalistic rites and mysterious cults demanding human sacrifice. It was rumored they worshipped bizarre creatures that had crawled from the ocean depths to infest the port town of Baracoa on the eastern edge of Cuba…

Cthulhu Does Stuff #5, our monthly Lovecraftian comic by Ronnie Tucker and Maxwell Patterson.

Echoes From Cthulhu’s Crypt #4, a monthly column by Robert M. Price: I believe that Carol Serling once remarked that her illustrious husband Rod was a great fan of H.P. Lovecraft…

Stay tuned!

3 responses to ““Lovecraft eZine” issue 26 preview (August)!

  1. Oh wow. Fantastic lineup for this issue! I remember reading “The Crevasse” in the New Cthulhu anthology, and was absolutely astounded by his nods to the Mountains of Madness without actually setting it there. William Meikle has always been good, and I’m anxious to see what Reanimators has in store for us from Pete. The story in this issue is a part of the novel, right? I think you mentioned that last chat.


  2. I’m looking forward to Derek Ferreira’s story, he’s had a few great stories here. Please, oh please tell me that it is Cthulhu noir. Looks like a great lineup!


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