DISCUSS: What Lovecraftian-themed book are you reading now (or have read recently)?

I’m currently bouncing between 14, by Peter Clines, and From a Buick 8, by Stephen King.  Both of them are very enjoyable.

What Lovecraftian-themed book are YOU reading now, or what have you read recently?  Comment below.

About From a Buick 8: In 1979, an odd man drives what at first glance looks like a 1954 mint-quality Buick Roadmaster up to a service station in rural Pennsylvania, then vanishes, leaving behind the car. The state police of Troop D deposit the vehicle in a shed near their barracks, where, up to the present, it remains a secret from all but cop colleagues for the car isn’t exactly a car; it may be alive, and it certainly serves as a doorway between our world and… what? Another dimension? Another galaxy?  (Read more here)

32 responses to “DISCUSS: What Lovecraftian-themed book are you reading now (or have read recently)?

  1. I am reading the Barnes and Noble HP Lovecraft: The Complete Fiction, after watching a YouTube video by Mr Pugmire. He endorsement was so persuasive, I ran out and picked it up directly. And now I am going through it piece by piece and loving it. Yes, I had already read much of it before, some on Kindle, some in collections, etc., but that B&N text is so nice. Thank you, Wilum.

    That said, I see the pic of King’s book. I have to say that, after I heard King say, as a real criticism, that HP couldn’t write a real scene (?) I have pretty much closed down on him. The one thing about King — and this a criticism, too — is that he cannot refrain from making everything a “scene”.


  2. I’m in the middle of reading “The Grimscribe’s Puppets” … I take it to work with me and read it during my breaks … I’m enjoying it (smile)


  3. Clickers, which has Lovecraftian style monsters but isn’t very Lovecraftian in style, and Conjure House…which is a little more Lovecraftian/Gothic in read.


    • I am reading all the Conan stories, just finished the shorts and halfway through Hour of the Dragon. I can’t believe what S.T. Joshi once said about REH, in fact, I must have put it out of my mind, but it wasn’t good. Anyways, I found in each short story a paragraph I really enjoy that actually fits into our modern times.


  4. THE ASSAULTS OF CHAOS–A NOVEL ABOUT H. P. LOVECRAFT, by S. T. Joshi, and H. P. LOVECRAFT–ART. ARTIFACT AND REALITY by Steven J. Mariconda. They are both simply superb! As an author of Lovecraftian weird fiction, they both, a book of fiction and a book of literary essays, inspire me as an artist and instill within me that aesthetic ache that plants ye seed for further work from mine antique pen.


  5. I just finished Ramsey Campbell’s “The Influence”. I will then read his “Last Revelation of Gla’Aki” after I finish Joe Hill’s “NOS4A2”. I also recently read Joe Lansdale’s “Edge of Dark Water”. I’ll be reading Campbell’s “The Overnight” soon as well as a few By Caitlin Kiernan. Then I think I will switch gears and read S.T.Joshi’s “Atheism, A Reader”.


  6. Tales of the Cthulhu Mythos… Has some of the classics; Notebook, Hounds of Tindalos, etc including a surprisngly good Derleth tale with a neat twist. Rationing it carefully…!


  7. OK, lessee

    Comic books/graphic novels I have read recently

    Young Lovecraft 3 – What a brilliant series, the best HPL comic ever

    Fatale 3: West of Hell – Fatale is an intriguing series with numerous Lovecraftian elects, gorgeous art and a fascinating female protagonist

    Witchdoctor – Here is something that is just an absolute treat! A paranormal practitioner (who may be Herbert West using an alias) out thinks and outmaneuvers servitors of Lovecraftian beings. A superbly clever script and great art help too!!



    I am looking forward to The Shadow Out of Time by INJ Culbard



    • wow I never even thought about checking graphic novels! I want to read Young Lovecraft as soon as I can carve a few bucks out of my tight budget! … thanks for sharing! (smile)


  8. Oh, this cover is not the comic. There is a problem with the link. Search on Amazon’s website, or the website of Selfmadeher for the proper link for The Shadow Out of Time


  9. As far as novels/collections, hmmm

    I am only a few stories shy of completing Shotguns vs Cthulhu. It is a quite superior anthology, with several unusual stories.

    I quite enjoyed Ramsey Campbell’s new novella The Last Revelation of Gla’aki

    I am working my way through The Bones of the Yopasi in a desultory fashion. It’s OK but no great shakes.

    14 by Peter Clines is highly enjoyable, as Mike said.

    The absolute jewel of my recent reading was The Croning by Laird Barron. I think it is now my favorite Lovecraftian novel, displacing Radiant Dawn and The Fuller Memorandum. It is brilliant in so many ways; I just have to write a review.


    • I’m an original D&D player that no longer has anyone to play board games with. I took a look at the Game Elder Sign and saw that I can play it solo! so cool …


    • Love Fritz stories, such a great atmosphere in some of his Sci-Fi shorts!. I am also a big Fafhrd and The Grey Mouser fan!


  10. Just finished The Book of Cthulhu. Meant to take a break and finish a couple of non-Mythos books I’m in the middle of, but I ended up starting The Fungi from Yuggoth.


  11. I have over a dozen tomes (from Price anthologies to Moby-Dick to Steppenwolf…) by my desk as I do research for a swimabout I’m about to take near… Innsmouth…


  12. I just finished the first Books of Blood by Clive Barker, well i think Clive Barker is very lovecraftian, in a particular way, and I’m reading the Hastur Cycle.


  13. So far reading&bouncing between these on near nightly basis:

    Autopsy and other tales, Drums of Chaos, Forever Azatoth, Inhabitant of the lake and other unwelcome tenants, Dead but dreaming 2,The Book of Cthulhu, Taint and other novellas, House of Cthulhu,Strange Dark One, Last revelations of Gla’aki, Fungi, Bohemians of Sesqua valley and Black Wings of Cthulhu

    And some still sum more to come to the list. Too many to finish and too short nights to catch up…


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