“The Captured Bird”: a must-see Lovecraftian short film

I saw this on the big screen at NecronomiCON.  It’s an absolutely incredible Lovecraftian short film by Jovanka Vuckovic.  Do yourself a favor and watch it, below!

Be sure to click “full screen”.  And if you enjoy the movie, you’ll definitely want to own it on DVD.  Buy it here, it’s very reasonably priced: The Captured Bird.

9 responses to ““The Captured Bird”: a must-see Lovecraftian short film

  1. Wow. I love that this film doesn’t shy away from showing elder beings and yet doesn’t make them at all cheesy. A rare accomplishment. Beautifully done. And now I won’t be able to go to sleep tonight.


  2. Jovanka’s work as editor of Rue Morgue for so many years, introduced her at alot of VFX artists and film makers. The original credits i saw for this film a few years ago, were about 3 mins long, showing the huge amount of work behind the film. I think it has a creepy story book tale feel to it just as much as any “Lovecraft” vibe. I like the fact it’s an original story, not a Lovecraft tale re-hashed, and with a bit of editing, it could flow a little faster paced in parts. But in general, it’s got some cool visuals.


  3. Um, it looks beautiful, but there’s no story. What, a little girl follows a strange puddle to a house where a monster lives, she screams and the monster is seen flying into the sunset? It’s great as a mood-piece, but there’s nothing else there. So I’m in the minority. So be it.


  4. Ohhh, I really LOVED this.. Such beautiful, evocative imagery !! Dark and resplendent, yet sweetly purulent…And the Castle…just left me breathlessss..(where was it filmed ??). THANK YOU soo much for posting this !!! ~Peace~


  5. Gene, not a criticism of your comment but I was thinking conversely about how efficiently and evocatively this brief piece summed up the major Lovecraft themes without as Tom W says re-hashing anything. What I saw was (and this will tell you the story I drew from this). Innocent is drawn to dark place, encounters eldritch beings (it doesn’t matter who or what), she serves as sacrifice unleashing said beings on an unsuspecting world, innocents’ laughter at the end previewing a target-rich environment for the now free elder ones. As an aside I also thought that they could have simply shot a film using only the few seconds of more-or-less still footage of the full castle exterior and it would have conveyed a world of story all by itself. What an incredible place – does anyone know what or where it is?


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