Win a Lovecraftian book on tonight’s video chat!

By Steve Santiago:

By Steve Santiago:

Just a reminder about “Late Night with Lovecraft eZine” tonight, where we discuss all things Lovecraftian!  Join us at Midnight Eastern Time (11pm Central, 9pm Pacific).  I’ll be giving away at least four Lovecraftian books to some lucky viewers.

Go here at midnight ET to view the video chat LIVE.

If you want to join us, email me ASAP at .

If you want to be notified about future upcoming video chats, join our brand new notification list.  No spam, ever.  Just video chat reminders.  Unsubscribe any time.

I’m giving away the following in this weekend’s video chats: Blind Shadows by James A. Moore, Ancient Exhumations +2 by Stanley C. Sargent, Acolytes of Cthulhu edited by Robert M. Price (check out that Gahan Wilson cover!), The Eye of Infinity by David Conyers, Uncommon Places: A Collection of Exquisites by W.H. Pugmire, The Fungal Stain And Other Dreams by W.H. Pugmire, Horror for the Holidays edited by Scott David Aniolowski, The Strange Dark One by W.H. Pugmire, The Grimscribe’s Puppets edited by Joseph S. Pulver Sr.,  A Season in Carcosa edited by Joseph S. Pulver Sr., Dissecting Cthulhu by S.T. Joshi, and the stellar Lovecraftian film Pickman’s Muse.

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