Watch “The Dunwich Horror” 2009 remake, free on Youtube

…but don’t say I didn’t warn you.  My friend Rick Lai sent the following email to some of us in the “New Lovecraft eZine Circle” (I just made that up!):

I have witnessed the madness out of Hollywood! For years I thought that there was only one lousy adaptation of THE DUNWICH HORROR starring Dean Stockwell! Now I know the horrible truth! That film has a monstrous twin made in 2009! It looks even less like Lovecraft’s story than the earlier version! Stockwell is now Armitage rather than Wilbur Whateley! Wilbur is now Jeffrey Coombs! Why couldn’t he have just be content to be the perfect Herbert West! Dunwich has been relocated to Louisiana! Olaus Worminus is still alive in the bayou! Page 751 of the Necronomicon only exists in dreams! Armitage shoots mystical rays out of his fingertips like Marvel’s Dr Strange! And Professor Morgan is a gorgeous woman who dresses like Emma Peel!

Here’s the link on youtube. Forgive me! The god Schlock compels me to post it!

Hey, it’s Monday, so we need all the laughs we can get, right?

Whereupon Leeman Kessler replied that he appears in the following (hilarious) review of this movie:

7 responses to “Watch “The Dunwich Horror” 2009 remake, free on Youtube

  1. Ouch! Saw this at the 2008 (?) HPLFF; and it was a comedy-palooza. I do like Combs choices in his portrayal of Wilbur, and I seem to recall it had some creepy moments randomly dispersed throughout the camp. Anyone who’s ever worked on an indy film knows it’s an accomplishment above and beyond just to reach the finish line at all, so I have a pretty warm spot in my heart for anyone who even gets this far. That, being said…this one is …well, it is what it is.


  2. I thought it was pretty cool back when it premiered on the scifi channel. Not a strict adaptation of an HPL story by any stretch, but The Dunwich Horror still provides audiences with fine Mythos entertainment.



  3. My wife and I liked it, but then again we really love Jeffrey Combs. Like, we’ve gone through his IMDB and watched everything we can find.

    That said, I really recommend “The Attic Expeditions”, “The Pit and the Pendulum, “Masters of Horror: The Black Cat, and the rest of his reel (especially his Star Trek characters…gold, pure gold). One of the unsung actors of melodramatic horror. You want a good crazy person lead, you want Combs. If I ever get to pursue my other dream (making movies), I will blow a budget just on him.


  4. I’ve been avoiding this movie since 2009. Poor Jeff Combs…what the hell were you thinking Jeff. How can the director of this get work when Stuart Gordon is dormant?


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