Today’s video chat: “Tesla vs Cthulhu”!

Well first of all, last night was a huge success.  If you missed it, we watched the excellent short Lovecraftian film AM 1200.  It was an experiment, and I’m happy that it worked.  How often do you get to watch Lovecraftian films with other Lovecraft fans?

Since it was a success, I’m going to do it again soon — probably on a regular basis!  Stay tuned.

Anyway, on today’s video chat I’ll be talking with Jeff Richards, the guy behind the upcoming film Tesla vs CthulhuWatch the video chat LIVE at 6:00pm Eastern time (5pm Central, 3pm Pacific).  To watch the video chat LIVE, go here at the appropriate time and click the play button in the Youtube video you’ll see at that time.

And as always, you can interact with us and send questions during the chat on the Lovecraft eZine public message board.  I always keep an eye on the message board during video chats.

If you want to JOIN the video chat, email me as soon as possible at .

See you later today!

(If you want to be notified about future upcoming video chats, join our brand new notification list.  No spam, ever.  Just video chat reminders.  Unsubscribe any time.)

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