Thanks to all who helped!

Mike DavisI owe some of you an email to thank you — but I’m very sick, even sicker than usual if that’s possible.  (I’m out of one of my pain medications temporarily.)  Thanks so much to all of you who donated to The Lovecraft eZine over the weekend following my plea for help.

Please expect a personal thank you from me this week, and I’m sorry I have not been able to do that yet.

And please bear with me for the next day or two, the Facebook posts and website posts might be close to nil until I can get past this flareup.

But I cannot thank you all enough for helping out.  Thank you.

8 responses to “Thanks to all who helped!

  1. Just take care of yourself Mike. The work you do is thanks enough. Certainly there are many positive thoughts and energies being sent to you and your family. May they buoy you through these temporary rough waters.


  2. Poor baby. I know exactly what these flares are like. I’ve got the same condition you have, only we call it ME over here. Rest. Take it easy. Eat nice things. Have fun with whatever energy you have (very medicinal, fun, I find). We can jolly well wait.


  3. Aw Mike, you’ve thanked us so many times over – but the biggest thanks is this blog, the ezine, and all the work you do.
    No one cares about schedules – just that you feel better.


  4. Have you ever tried to Potentiate when running low and trying to extend? Any ? just ask, I have similiar condition.


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