Today’s video chat: Mark Meer (Commander Shepard from “Mass Effect”)

On today’s video chat, I’ll be talking with Mark Meer, who plays Commander Shepard in the very popular video game series Mass Effect.

Mass Effect is a game with some very Lovecraftian elements:

It’s Lovecraft’s influence on Mass Effect which caused Kyle Munkittrick to argue that Mass Effect is “the most important science fiction universe of our generation.” In both Lovecraft and Mass Effect, humanity has to justify its very existence in the face of an indifferent universe and without recourse to any higher authority.

Read more here.

If you want to watch the video chat LIVE, go to this webpage today at 6:00pm Eastern time (5pm Central, 3pm Pacific).  You’ll also be able to ask questions that I can pass on to Mark, if you’d like, on the Lovecraft eZine public message board.

Mark tells me that he’s a huge Lovecraft fan, so I’m looking forward to talking with him.  See you at 6pm ET!

One response to “Today’s video chat: Mark Meer (Commander Shepard from “Mass Effect”)

  1. I’m an enormous fan of the Mass Effect series and was always struck by how Lovecraftian the whole concept of mankind being a bit player in a cast of thousands and being seen as entirely inconsequential by invincible, unknowable forces from beyond so I’m really looking forward to seeing this interview. 🙂


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