58 responses to “What are you reading right now?

  1. I’m sorting through Tor.com’s 5 years of stories free giveaway. But I’m between books right now while working on finalizing a music album, comic book, and short film.

  2. Just finished Cthulhu Unbound 2, wanted to see what someone did with a Nemo Cthulhu story. Just ordered Shotguns and Cthulhu, based on a recent Lovecraft Ezine broadcast. Oh, and I enjoyed the October issue of the Ezine too!

  3. Red Spectres: Russian Gothic Tales from the Twentieth Century (as selected and translated by Muireann Maguire) contains eleven supernatural tales courtesy of seven stellar Russian writers including Valery Bryusov, Aleksandr Chayanov, Mikhail Bulgakov, Sigizmund Krzhizhanovsky (one of my personal favourite authors), Aleksandr Grin, Georgy Peskov, and Pavel Perov.

  4. Besides reading classic horror short stories every week (for October I’ve been reading women authors in horror), I am reading Mrs. Poe by Lynn Cullen and Illuminations (A novel of Hildegard von Bingen) by Mary Sharratt. Having a great time! I just finished Lovecraft’s The Music of Erich Zann. Excellent.

  5. I am reading Possession by A.S Byatt, not at all my normal sort of read, but actually quite interesting for Victoriana, myths and Gothic fairytales. Just recently finished I.M.Banks Hydrogen Sonata – excellent!

  6. Friday I finished GALVESTON by Sean Stewart (Winner of the World Fantasy Award), a wonderfuly magical story. Sunday I finished HELL’S DOOR by Sandy DeLuca, mini novella from DarkFuse, a great read with a nice twist at the end. This morning I started McHUMANS by Kevin Strange, StrangeHouse Books, a Lovecraftian Bizzaro with Cthulhu and the Deep Ones and humans as slaves used as there food. Finally up next will be DAY ONE by Nate Kenyon, a techno-apocalypse novel just released. Thanks for asking, AZ

  7. I am reading the Nazi Occult War:Hitler’s Compact with the Forces of Evil by Michael Fitzgerald. Also S. T. Joshi’s The Assaults of Chaos.

  8. I am actually re-reading Lovecraft’s original stuff. It’s been about 10 years since I’ve read the Master’s own fiction. I got his complete works on my Kindle.

  9. I’m reading ‘Demonproof: – A Sequel to Colin Wilson’s The Mind Parasites’, by John E Darling.
    What it says in the title, actually: – it’s a modern sequel (part 2) of The Mind Parasites.
    The Colin Wilson book makes reference to various HPLovecraft stories, but this book, as yet (I’m half-way through) doesn’t have any extra links. As yet none of the dark episodes from the Wilson, but not bad so far. Its written in a modern idiom, so may not get there. We’ll see …………………

  10. currently reading Caitlin Kiernan’s “Low Red Moon”, and also doing side research on Jack the Ripper for an upcoming project. I’ve also got “Shadow Over Innsmouth” going on the side. and one of these days I’m going to finish “Pride and Prejudice and Zombies”. if I can stand it all the way to the end. and that’s a big IF.

  11. I am re-reading Lord Foul’s Bane by Stephen Donaldson, the first book in the Chronicles of Thomas Covenant series. The final volume was published recently and I want to start the whole series from the beginning before reading it.

  12. I’m reading /rereading The Picture of Dorian Gray, by Oscar Wilde. It’s this month’s group read on Literary Darkness, my Goodreads group. (And yes, I’m behind on finishing it.) Brilliant, decadent darkness!

  13. Vol. 2 of “A Means to Freedom”. HPL & REH are always expressing their cordial & felicitous sentiments to each other but they do get snippy at times.

  14. I just finished ‘Shadows from Norwood’ by David Hambling on Sunday, and now am working on the ‘The Old One’ by PA Douglas. I recommend both very highly!

  15. I’m currently reading Jo Marchant’s “Decoding the Heavens”; the history of the first Astrolabe discovered in 1900-1901. I would like to procure a contemporary model and verify how (accurately) it functions.

  16. Just finished Love Is The Law by Nick Mamatas. Also reading The Dark Lord: H P Lovecraft, Kenneth Grant & the Typhonian Tradition in Magic (boring) by Peter Levenda. Also, the Naked Now by Richard Rohr (excellent).

  17. I’m currently reading “Holes for Faces” by Ramsey Campbell. It’s possibly the most terrifying short-story collection I’ve read in years. I had forgotten that fiction could make me physically shiver.

  18. Currently reading “Radiant Dawn” by Cody Goodfellow. Having seen the author in a panel discussion at NecronomiCON, I decided to read this book. Thoroughly enjoying the read.

  19. ‘Tis the season! If you are not reading (or have not read) “A Night in the Lonesome October” you are missing a fun read!

  20. I’ve been trucking through the Barnes & Noble hardcover edition of Lovecraft’s Complete Fiction. Started ‘At The Mountains of Madness’ today while on lunch.

  21. Wierder Shadows Over Innsmouth, which kindly arrived in the mailbox in time to be read in October along with Hauntings edited by Ellen Datlow. Up next will be the annual tradition – Ray Bradbury’s Halloween Tree & Zelazny’s A Night in Lonesome October.

  22. Just started reading Edmund Glasby’s The Ash Murders collection before I start in on King’s Shining follow-up Doctor Sleep.

  23. About to start The Boys Are Back In Town by Christopher Golden while taking a break from Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire series.

      • Just got back from a long weekend at a B&B w/ my wife. Saturday we had a big storm up here in the northwest – perfect day for kicking back and reading by the fire. Got to read the entire book in a sitting (haven’t done that since I was a teenager). Holy crap what a ride! Could not put it down once I got started. I can see why it is one of your favs. Highly recommend the book to anyone. Top notch twilight zone type fun.

  24. And now for something completely different…”Deathwatch” by Steve Parker. I recently finished “That Which Should Not Be.”

  25. just finished ER Burroughs’ Princess of Mars and At the Earth’s Core. Currently re-reading 20000 Leagues Under the Sea by Jules Verne.

  26. Currently, I’m dividing my time between “The Haunted Book”, by Jeremy Dyson, and ‘The Complete Works of Edgar Alan Poe”. Yum!

  27. Last night (actually, early this morning) I finished Michael Aronovitz’s debut novel “Alice Walks”. It was deliciously disturbing; I had to stay up until I had finished it. Not Lovecraftian, but a highly recommended ghost story.

  28. Dead North: Canadian Zombie Fiction, The Horror in the Museum and Other Revisions (again), That Which Should Not Be, Crackpot Palace: Stories, Alone With The Horrors, The Grimscribe’s Puppets, Shotguns vs Cthulhu, God’s Secretaries: The Making of the King James Bible, Rashomon and 17 Other Stories, Hallucinations by Oliver Sacks, Sir Gawaine and the Green Knight, Nightingale Songs, This Strange Way of Dying, Man and Superman

  29. Lafcadio Hearn’s Kwaidan; Thomas Ligotti’s Grimscribe; Kelly Link’s Pretty Monsters; anything I can get my hands on by Nicole Cushing (do podcasts count as reads?). And toying with the temptation to re-read The Lurking Fear for the Nth. time.
    Hey, MIke, I’d guess you’re feeling a wee bit better? Salut, amic!

  30. About 10 different books, as usual, but the one I’m most taken with is: “Once Upon a Time; New Fairy Tales; edited by Paula Guran. I bought it for the Caitlin Kiernan story but the others are proving quite worthy of my time and attention as well.

  31. Shadows Over Innsmouth collection,In Search of Japan’s Hidden Christians by John Dougall, and the latest issue of of the Lovecraft eZine. I’m also listening to Death Warmed Over (Dan Shamble Zombie PI) in my car.

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