Watch “Spider Labyrinth” for free — an Italian Lovecraftian film

A few months ago I was at Sandy Petersen‘s house doing a movie marathon.  One of the films he introduced me to was Spider Labyrinth, a 1988 Italian film.  This is something I probably never would have come across on my own, so I’m grateful to Sandy for showing it to me.

Anyway, it’s very Lovecraftian — and now, it’s available online for free.  Watch it below!

From Amazon: Warning-not intended for viewers under 18 years-contains scenes of violence and sexual situations. Handsome Professor Alan Whitmore is assigned by his university to go to Budapest to seek out Professor Roth who has been investigating an ancient religion. Once there, he is met by Professor Roths’ beautiful assistant, Genevieve Weiss. But Professor Whitmore soon finds himself at the center of mysterious cult involving secrets, murder, and a monstrous mind controlling spider god . Will the professor solve this weird puzzle, or will he too be caught in the web of the Spider Labyrinth?

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