The scariest old-time radio episodes of all time

I’m fond of pointing out that Lovecraft fans are, of course, also horror fans.  And given that I love old-time radio, I thought it would interesting to list what I think are the scariest old-time radio shows of all time.

I’m not going to give plot synopses for these shows, because it’s best to listen without knowing anything about them… except to say that “Northern Lights” has a nice element of cosmic horror.

Click the play button beneath each title, or download for “on the go” listening.  Enjoy.  (And comment below after you listen, and tell me what you think!)

Nightfall: The Porch Light [download]

Suspense: The House in Cypress Canyon [download]

Quiet, Please: Northern Lights [download]

The Hall of Fantasy: The Shadow People [download]

Quiet, Please: There Are Shadows Here [download]

The Price of Fear (Vincent Price): Fish [download]

14 responses to “The scariest old-time radio episodes of all time

  1. Thanks Mike, I really enjoy these radio shows. I had completely forgotten about CBS Mystery Theatre until you mentioned it on one of the video chats awhile back, I used to listen to it as a teenager. On your recommendation I bought The Price of Fear
    shows from amazon and enjoy them very much (also being a Vincent Price fan helped).

    I find the best way to listen is alone at night, if possible.


  2. I would also like to recommend the Suspense adaptation of “The Yellow Wallpaper” by Charlotte Perkins Gilman. One of the creepiest bits of radio I’ve heard.
    [audio src="" /]


  3. Last October I listened to the Shadow People by candlelight. It was very creepy! Can’t wait to listen to your other selections. I know we’re in good hands at the Lovecraft Ezine. I ought to thank you for posting The Horla radio broadcast in the summer. It was a genuine treat 🙂
    I love visiting this site, not only for the fiction in the magazine, but for great updates like these.
    Thanks, Mike!


    • Jason: Thank you very much for the comment… especially because I honestly considered not posting this entry. It’s not Lovecraftian, except for the “Northern Lights” episode, so I didn’t know if people would be interested. Great to know that you guys are.


      • I’d agree this was a great thing to post. I absolutely love the old radio shows. I’ve heard a lot of the Suspense shows, and there’s definitely some great ones.


  4. This is great! I work from home, and when things are slow, I listen to your Ezine Youtube broadcasts. These will provide some fascinating listening, when I’ve run out of the weekend broadcasts!


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