“Repairman Jack”: A mystery series with Lovecraftian themes

Repairman JackThe Repairman Jack novels by F. Paul Wilson are mysteries, but Jack isn’t a detective.  He “fixes” situations for people who have nowhere else to turn to.  As the novels progress, Jack is increasingly made aware of a cosmic fight for the Earth, and the series becomes more and more Lovecraftian.

If you enjoy Lovecraftian themes in real world settings, and mysteries, you’ll like the Repairman Jack series.

Definitely read them in order.  In fact, you might even want to start with The Keep.  The Keep is set during World War II and Jack is of course not in this book, but it’s a wonderful horror novel and helps to set the scene for the Repairman Jack series.  Read the books in this order:

  1. The Keep
  2. The Tomb
  3. Legacies
  4. Conspiracies
  5. All the Rage
  6. Hosts
  7. The Haunted Air
  8. Gateways
  9. Crisscross
  10. Infernal
  11. Harbingers
  12. Bloodline
  13. By the Sword
  14. Ground Zero
  15. Fatal Error
  16. The Dark at the End
  17. Nightworld (be sure to read the fully revised edition published in in May 2012 capping off the Repairman Jack series)


10 responses to ““Repairman Jack”: A mystery series with Lovecraftian themes

  1. November 28th. Wow. This was my last post here, when I finished reading The Keep. Now I am at Ground Zero of the Repairman Jack series, and I just got the 3rd book in the Adversary Cycle- The Touch; Since The Keep is the first one, and the suggested preread to the RMJ Novels, and The Tomb is the second, and the first of the RMJ Novels. Only two more RMJ Novels and then a few more Adversary Cycle series and then it is on to Nightworld…
    Now, if I want to do the WHOLE thing called The Secret History of the World, well, I would have to add another dozen or so books to my list and a slew of short stories as well before concluding with Nightworld.
    Amazing, I didn’t even know these books existed, or even F. Paul Wilson, until this post.
    Thanks again, Mike.


  2. Just finished The Keep, and right from the beginning I was wondering if I had seen a movie by the same name based on this book. Quick Internet search conformation. When I picked The Keep up at my local ancient learning facility (the library) I put an order in for The Tomb and cannot wait for the call telling me it is in.
    Really enjoyed this book, some great twists and I look forward to seeing how this sets up some elements in the Repairman Jack series. Thanks Mike for referring these novels and sending me on a reading hiatus for the next few months!


  3. I could see a lot of Lovecraft’s influences in the F Paul Wilson’s “Repairman Jack” stories. Then when I did a little digging about Mr. Wilson I found out he was exposed to Lovecraft at a young age.
    F. Paul Wilson is one of those writers I like to read, even if it not a Repairman Jack story.


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