I’m thankful for all of you!

Today is Thanksgiving in America. I hope you guys won’t think me too hokey if I say that I’m sincerely thankful for all of you. It’s been great getting to know you, talking with you about Lovecraft here and on the Facebook page, and just “hanging out” with other Lovecraftians.

I also appreciate your support, both emotional and financial. I truly believe that we are building something important here; not just a magazine, but a community.

THANKS for being here.

11 responses to “I’m thankful for all of you!

  1. And a very happy Thanksgiving to you and yours, too, Mike! All of us in the community (and you’re right, it really *is* a community) truly appreciate all you do to create the Lovecraft eZine and maintain the quality so we can enjoy the latest in dark fiction with a Lovecraftian bent.


    • P.S. Should my turkey be sprouting tentacles?

      …must grab the elder sign baster acquired in the dark pits of Fthganan Fu…alas! It’s too late…The Horror escapes…it approaches, over the mash potatoes it slithers in unspeakable Thanksgiving evil…past the gravy…into the yams and out of the cranberry sauce…Though I am famished I know this meal is blasphemous and obscene! I must flee before…AAAAAHHHHHHH!


  2. Your very welcome Mike. I like to joke around a lot, except for Thanksgiving. Ive been blessed thought out my life and this time of the year I reflect on that. It helps me keep balance in my life life and I do not mind express that fact of my life.


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