Video chat tonight at Midnight Eastern Time; I’m giving away a “Cthulhu Coin” to LIVE viewers!

Join us at midnight Eastern time tonight (11pm Central, 9pm Pacific) for our usual Saturday night video chat, “Late Night with Lovecraft eZine”.  Or watch us LIVE at that time.  If you want to join the video chat room, email me at as soon as possible.  If you want to watch LIVE, simply go here at midnight ET (no sign-up required).

If you think of late night talk radio, add picture and a weird topic, then you have a good idea of what “Late Night with Lovecraft eZine” is like!

I’m going to give away a print copy of Weirder Shadows Over Innsmouth and a Cthulhu coin (from our friends at Littlest Lovecraft) to two lucky LIVE viewers!  For your chance to win, simply watch the show at midnight ET tonight, here.

By the way, tonight is your last chance to get copies of the Lovecraft eZine mega-packs for only $2.99 each:

Buy Lovecraft eZine mega-pack 1 – the 2011 issues

Buy Lovecraft eZine mega-pack 2 – the 2012 issues

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