“The Lovecraft Geek” episode 4 is online!

A new Lovecraft Geek by Robert M. Price is online:

Click here to download episode 4.  Or, press the play button to listen:

If you haven’t yet listened to episodes 1 through 3, you’ll find them on this page.  And if you have a question for Dr. Price that you’d like him to answer in a future episode, there is an email form there as well.

For the very few people out there who don’t know who Robert M. Price is, go here for a short introduction on the man and how much Lovecraftians owe him.

3 responses to ““The Lovecraft Geek” episode 4 is online!

  1. Just found this curiosity; a web series abouth Randolph Carter 5 years after “The Dream-quest of unknown Kadath”:


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