Tonight’s video chat: “Dark Gods” by T.E.D. Klein, and more!

In 15 minutes, at midnight Eastern time, watch “Late Night with Lovecraft eZine” as we discuss T.E.D. Klein’s book, Dark GodsDark Gods is one of the best Lovecraftian books you’ll ever read.

(Edited: Watch the recorded version, below.)

2 responses to “Tonight’s video chat: “Dark Gods” by T.E.D. Klein, and more!

  1. I had no idea such an event had been planned (nor am I quite sure how a video chat works), but I do hope it went okay. As it happens, I recently looked over one of the stories in “Dark Gods” — “Black Man with a Horn” — and, after cringing a bit, ended up slightly revising it for its appearance in a forthcoming Centipede Press anthology. For that matter, the version of that tale in Jim Turner’s “Cthulhu 2000” works better, I suspect, than the one in “Gods,” so perhaps some readers might be inclined to check it out.


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