Lovecraft eZine Recommends: Best Lovecraftian Stories of 2013

What were the best Lovecraftian-themed short stories, anthologies, collections, and novels published in 2013?

We are living in a golden age of Lovecraftian fiction… and that’s wonderful. But the negative is that sometimes it’s hard to know which books to read.

With that in mind:

Beginning with 2013, every year I’m going to compile a list of the very best (in my opinion) Lovecraftian tales.  So, authors, editors, and publishers: If you have a Lovecraftian-themed novel, anthology, collection, or short story published for the first time in 2013, and you would like it considered for the list, please send me the story or book. I prefer Kindle versions, but print is accepted, too. No PDFs, please.

Here’s how to send:

If you have a Kindle version, you can email it to .  Please put “published in 2013” and the name of the story or book in the subject of the email.  If you need to send me a print edition, send it to:

Mike Davis
4100 Vista Lane
Kaufman, Texas, USA

The cutoff date is February 15 — in other words, I must have your story or book on or before that date.

There will be three categories:

  • Short stories
  • Novels
  • Collections and Anthologies

This announcement isn’t just for authors. Readers, editors, and publishers, please feel free to send me anything Lovecraftian-themed book or story published for the first time in 2013 that you think I should consider.

My goal is to have the list compiled by April 15.  I will then publish it to the Lovecraft eZine website.

Why should you want your story or book on this list? Well, The Lovecraft eZine website is read by a lot of Lovecraftians.  So if your book or short story is selected, this should result in more sales for you.

There will be a “Best of the Year” permanent page added to this website every year.  The official title will be: “Lovecraft eZine Recommends: Best Lovecraftian Stories of 2013”, and will be broken down into the three categories.

How many am I going to recommend? I’m not sure, yet. We’ll see.  And of course, not everyone will agree with my choices.  But I’m fortunate in that most Lovecraftians value my opinion, so I’d like for this list to at least be a good reference for readers.

Remember, the cutoff date is February 15, 2014.

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