The very first PRINT edition of “Lovecraft eZine” is now available!

Me, in the Lovecraft eZine office with the first print edition

I have some very exciting news!  As you know, The Lovecraft eZine is available to read online, and there are also Kindle, Nook, and audio editions of each issue.  And now, the very first print edition of Lovecraft eZine is available!

We started with issue #27 — the October 2013 issue.  This issue was a tribute to Roger Zelazny’s beloved book, A Night in the Lonesome October, and it contains six Lovecraftian tales honouring that book.  Buy it here.

We are working on the print edition of issue #28 right now (December 2013), which is the tribute issue to author W.H. Pugmire.  After that it’s the upcoming February issue — issue #29.  Then, we will slowly but surely create print editions of all past issues.

If you would like a print edition of Lovecraft eZine issue #27, click here to purchase.  It’s only $6.99.

I’d like to thank author Kenneth W. Cain for all his hard work on the print issues.  They quite literally would not be possible without him.  Read his books!

8 responses to “The very first PRINT edition of “Lovecraft eZine” is now available!

  1. Mike;
    I just received my copy of issue 27 in the mail and man am I impressed. Far more than I expected. You should be very proud like a new papa. Congratulations on putting out a great product. Thanks.
    Kevin Wilson


    • Thanks, Kevin, that means a lot! I’m learning as I go, so I’m glad it turned out great. I have to say that if it weren’t for Kenneth W. Cain, it would not have happened. He’s been a HUGE help (that’s code for he did most of the work!).


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